S. T. Unicom is a company in the business offering furniture, decor, home accessories, decorative lighting, surfaces, flooring, fireplaces, outdoor & garden, as well as many more architectural solutions & interior styling products. The company operates an integrated business with multiple channels of distribution including retail outlets, project offices and websites across India & SAARC region.

At S. T. Unicom, we believe in “You”. We believe deeply that the “right” people are our greatest asset. If you believe in being passionate at work, team work and trust your judgment, you are rest assured to get treated as our convoys.

We serve as curators of the finest architecture & interior styling solutions the world has to offer. Our collections of timeless, updated modern & contemporary collection provide a unique point of view and an unmatched combination of inspired design, high quality and unparalleled value. Each day brings a wealth of new ideas culled from our exclusive partnerships with the world’s most renowned styling brands, allowing us to showcase their unique products, passion and vision to the industry of Architecture & Interior Design.

The company retail brand outlets are present throughout the country along with Project offices in Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata. Our websites serve as virtual extensions and compelling tours of the brands.

We invite you to consider becoming part of our team.

Applying for a job with us is easy.

1. See the “Open Positions” to find the job that interests you. We update our postings weekly, and we make every effort to remove a posting as soon as the position has been filled.

2. Submit your cover letter and CV with your latest photographs.

3. Your resume would be reviewed by our recruiting department. If your skills and qualifications fit with one of our open positions, you will be contacted for an interview.

3. Mail your resume at

1. PR & Social Media Manager Apply Now

(Please note that all HR related enquiries or for knowing about vacancy/status of your application will be addressed over emails only. Send all your emails to

1. Web Designer & Developer Apply Now

(Please note that all HR related enquiries or for knowing about vacancy / status of your application will be addressed over emails only. Send all your emails to

stunicom_careers_1We hire the right people
Candidates enters the premises with a thirst to learn. They come with open minds so that they can imbibe the maximum. The employees are hard working, with a genuine willingness to work together.

stunicom_careers_2They’re inspired!
When a company has a vision and clear values you can believe in, it’s not hard to get inspired. Everybody have their goals set & feel inspired at work.

stunicom_careers_3Making mistakes is okay – really
TThere’s a saying at our place, that it’s okay to make mistakes – everyone does it. In fact, we think it’s a healthy way to learn and improve.

stunicom_careers_4Egos parked at the door
We’re not big on fancy title or corner offices and we ask co-workers to leave their egos at the door. Why? Because it means you get to work as a team member, have fun and get on with the job.

stunicom_careers_5A parent-friendly environment
S.T.Unicom is a business, without a doubt, but it is our policy to put people first. And people have lives outside work that include families. That means we believe in a parent-friendly environment.