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The first glassworks in Målerås was founded in 1890. During the 1940-50’s Målerås Glassworks was known for making high end crystal stemware. In 1981 designer Mats Jonasson acquired Målerås Glassworks and since 1987 the Mats Jonasson family is the majority owner of the company.
In recent years Målerås Glassworks has extended the number of artists and today Ludvig Löfgren, Lina Lundberg, Morgan Persson and Robert Ljubez work at the company. Today Målerås Glassworks is considered one of the most exciting art glassworks. The company is represented all over the world with an export rate of about 40%.

Cast Glass

A work of art glass sculpture, which is cast, starts life in the designer’s sketchbook. Then a model is made as a basis for the finished mould design, which is improved and polished at all stages and in every detail to reach perfection for casting.
Målerås Glasbruk uses an exclusive crystal recipe, which picks up reflected light and giving the glass that extra clarity and beauty.

Blow Glass
To become a master glassblower demands talent, education and many years of experience. Only then can the professional blower recreate the designer’s intentions and message to the world. In the Kingdom of Glass, glass-blowing is often a family affair, the skills being passed on through the generations and it is this continuity that guarantees that mouth blown glass objects continue to find new owners around the world.

Painted Glass
Glass painting is a form of art that is enjoying a renaissance at Målerås Glassworks. Skilled painters realize the designer’s intentions with their brushstrokes, making each item of glass a unique piece.

Engraved Glass
After the cast glass has been sandblasted and painted, the engraver enhances important details and sometimes even sandblasts the glass sculpture once again. Before engraving the glass sculpture is honed and polished in several stages to create the highest gloss before it is ready to be packed and shipped to a customer somewhere in the world.

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