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Since 1958, Mario Cioni has been well known in Italy for creating crystal with skilled experience. Every single creation with the Mario Cioni name is synonymous with Quality and has been made in pure crystal with more than 24% lead content and superior refraction. Each piece is treasured for its artistic value, which will continue to increase in time.

The absolute beauty of crystal stems from the perfect combination of the four elements, which, according to ancient philosophers, give life to the entire universe: air, earth, water and fire. Mother earth supplies the raw materials which the power of fire joins together. The air, blown into the incandescent crystal is then fixed by immersing into water.

It is a process that draws its strength from nature and which finds its ultimate express through the skilled work of Italian master craftsmen.

Man and Nature, therefore work in unison and their symbiosis is the only way to understand how at MARIO CIONI sand can by magic become a dream.

This is the focus of Mario Cioni & C philosophy: giving pleasure to those who choose its creations. To achieve this goal, the company has directed the experience of almost 50 years of activity towards the creation of its collections that are different and complementary for inspiration and purpose of use, destined to realize the hedonistic dream of each and every person.


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