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Shape. Sensitive
Cast of existence.
Soul. Delicate.
Eternal transparency.

These are some of the keywords that define Tondo Doni’s creation.

Tondo Doni expresses conceptual purity in purest crystal with over 24% lead content.It gives shape to inspiration in the only possible way, through man’s passion. The mouth which blows the crystal.The hand that grinds it.

Inspiration. Expression. Passion. That’s Tondo Doni for you.

It is the brand that introduces crystal into the Third Millenium. All innovative collections of Mario Cioni & C. coined its name from the famous painting by Michelangelo-Tondo Doni that revolutionized the renaissance painting art. With its creations, Tondo Doni presents a collection of conceptual archetypes with a strong focus on the experimentation of the new forms, colors, and designs. The concrete functional content assumes the guise of a hedonistic search for pleasure: visual, but also tactile, a pleasure since the crystal provides an extremely strong and decisive physical perception. Who chooses Tondo Doni fascinated by an absolute original aesthetics, is merged in an experience that will involve all the senses; unique but repeatable.

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