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Goebel – The Art of Lifestyle designed in Germany

Goebel deals with aesthetic things making life more beautiful, the little luxury for one’s soul. Either for home decoration, as a collectible or as a high-quality present, products from Goebel give pleasure – spontaneously but with lasting effect.

No matter if it is traditional or trendy, the large assortment satisfies almost everyone’s taste.

For the Love of Porcelain

The story begins on January 30th, 1871 with Franz Detleff and William Goebel, the founders of the company. They establish a factory “dedicated to the senses” (which later becomes a company slogan). William Goebel and his father Franz Detleff found “F. & W. Goebel”. The first porcelain factory (which was later called “Wilhelmsfeld”) opens in 1878 in Oeslau-Rödental near Coburg.

Around 1905 The crown above the monogram “WG” marks the transition of the company to William Goebel in 1893. Germany celebrates its Kaiser era and Goebel is part of it. Luxury porcelain, the dream of many, is also sold in America.

Linked to the past. Ready for today. Designing tomorrow.

“Tradition is not about preserving ashes, but about passing on fire”. At Goebel, it also means the highest standards of quality. Since the founding of the company, special emphasis has always been given to artistic expression, quality, and the finest craftsmanship.

At Goebel, you experience how, in close cooperation with renowned artists and designers, objects of porcelain, glass and similar materials become something very special. This is what the founders envisioned, and this is what quickly made Goebel an international success story. Dreams became reality.

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